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 African Home Decor - 3 Top Beginners Mistakes

African home decor continues to grow in popularity. That's why I'm moved to write this message to beginners and others who would like to snatch a few ideas and other helpful suggestions.

African decor can add a touch of life and interest to any room or space. People are finding out these exotic room accessories not only add to a rooms flavor, giving room a sense of adventure, it can also give a room character and depth.

But I've noticed a few beginner mistakes many people fall into or trip over when it comes to African decor use.

1. The first mistake beginners make is positioning. Most beginners place an exotic piece in the place where it either overwhelms a room or is hidden.

Make sure you place the piece where it adds to a rooms mood not distract. A simple trick is to place the piece in eye view or a place where it can catch the eye easily, but not where it's in the way of other room accents you may have.

2. Another beginners mistake when using African decor is placing too many items together. Avoid that cluttered look by spacing your pieces properly.

You see this mistake most often when beginners use African wall decor. Often they make the mistake of placing too many items on the wall - giving it that cluttered look.

Doing this distracts the attention from individual pieces. This results in none of the pieces getting the proper attention or notice it deserves.

3. The next mistake beginners often make is placing the wrong colors or tones together. Placing clashing colors together can give the impression of disorganization to a space or room.

Try to place the same colors, hues or tones together to give a more organized presentation. Following these tips will help to give your African home decor a better impression to viewers.