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African Decor - 6 Most Frequently Asked African Decor Questions

African decor continues to grow in popularity because of it's timeless beauty and elegance. Many people still have doubts about how to choose quality pieces. With so many copycat, fast buck merchants peddling fake, cheap and even phony African Decor (made in China), it's important to have a buyer beware attitude when it comes to buying . Here's 10 of the most frequently asked questions I received last month on African Decor.

1. What does African Decor Include?

African decor includes a variety of a symbols from the continent. The more popular themes include statues, figurines, sculptures, beads, and masks. But the number of items is much too numerous to mention. But limiting African decor to a list of items is inaccurate. African decor not only includes individual items they include the colors, textures and tones of African. For example, the Mosaic array of colors of Morocco, the variety of sand tones of the Sahara or the hand carved wooden sculptures of Ghana.

2. What Gives African Style Decor It's Longevity?

Unlike most manufactured decor, African handmade items have carved a long reputation for lasting beauty and elegance the world over. Because true African sculptures, artist and tradesmen look at trade as a Spiritual calling not just a job. We put our heart and soul into each piece until we are empty", states one Ghana sculptor.

3. What Materials are most African Theme Decor Made Of?

Most African theme decor comes from natural materials of the earth, this is what has made African decor eco-friendly long before the term became popular. They include materials such as bamboo and teak which are fast growing trees. Other materials used for African decor includes clay used in pottery, natural paints made from plants and of course colorful weaving materials and beads.

4. How Can You Pick A Quality African Style Basket?

The best way to choose a quality African basket is to look at the loom. The best quality loom is the horizontal pedal loom. Any basket containing a horizontal loom will last longer because it requires more skill and time to make.

5. What  African Accessories Add Warmth To A Room?

The best way to add a feeling of warmth is to use rustic material. For example, materials like clay, stone, copper and other metals. Also a hand-carved wood piece can also help to add a touch of warm coziness to a cold impersonal space in your home of office.

6. What's the best places to buy good quality African Decor?

Start with one of the many African Bazaars, or African festivals in a city or town near you. You'll find an array of African art pieces, sculptures, figurines and pottery from across the continent. You can also find quality pieces by searching online. Just make sure you check the reputation of the supplier before ordering making sure they have a money-back guarantee.

What's convenient about searching on the internet is you can research (window shop) until you're ready to buy. Next you can check a merchants reputation with the click of a mouse. Hopefully sharing these questions and answers with you helps give you a better understanding of the priceless treasure African decor offers. I encourage you to explore the adventure and excitement African decor can add to your life and environment.