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Quick and Easy Home Improvements For Under $99


Low cost home improvements

Can be a wise movement

If you fix the right places

And improve the right spaces

Your small effort will be worth every cent.


When you think of home improvement, like many homeowners you probably picture having to spend thousands of dollars. You may even contemplate having to take out a second mortgage on your home. Or you may think you have to be an expert at decorating or carpentry.

Often the previous examples ring true, but not always. In fact, you can receive a boost in your homes appearance without borrowing thousands of dollars or hiring a $200 an hour contractor to do it.

The trick is what I call strategic improvements. These are improvements you can do cheaply in the least amount of time and receive the best results when you're finished.

When it comes to improvements there are 3 main areas of your home that captures the most attention. Those 3 areas are the kitchen, the bathroom and the front or entrance of your home.

These ideas should work to spark your imagination, they shouldn't limit you. Not knowing your home I can only provide general suggestions. So take these ideas as starting points and move on your own unique inspirations and ideas. Let these suggestions work as a spark used to light your own inspiration and creativity.

Here are the 3 areas you should focus your attention on when it comes to strategic improvements:

I. The Home Front or Entrance

This is the area of your home that greets people. People form their first impression whether you have a well taken care of home or a neglected one based on this area.
Simple items like friendly plants and other greenery with creative containers can make excellent symbols for your front porch or entrance.
Remember when it comes to the entrance ... less is often better, keeping it simple is friendlier and more inviting than crowded and cramped.

II. The Bathroom

Most bathrooms can use a creative touch, so why not add a touch of art to your bathroom. For example a bold art print with a matching high quality gold frame can work wonders.
Adding decorative towel racks and thick towel displays can give your bathroom a cozy warm touch and feel.
Aromatic soaps resting in decorative bowls can add an aromatherapy touch to your bathroom as well.

III. The Kitchen

This is a place where your creativity can run wild. How about sprucing up those old cabinets with new hardware. Just replacing the knobs and hinges can boost their appearance.
It's surprising how this can jazz up an otherwise lackluster kitchen quickly and easily without spending the big bucks for new cabinets. A nice new coat of varnish can also work wonders for your wooden cabinets.
By applying these suggestions to your home you'll add a touch of coziness, comfort and style for less than a hundred dollars. But more important you would have demonstrated your creativity and imagination in getting the most use from the least amount of money.  As a result your home, your wallet and your self-esteem will all receive a healthy boost.
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