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The Top 5 Most Costly (and Embarassing) Remodeling Mistakes Homeowners Are Making!


A good remodeling job you'll make

When sound advice you take,

It's like catching time in a bottle

When you try to remodel

Plan smart to avoid a remodeling mistake.


As a homeowner nothing can give you more pride and a genuine sense of accomplishment like a successful home remodeling project. And nothing can cause more frustration, embarrassment and anger like an unsuccessful home remodeling project.

In this week's newsletter you'll learn the top 5 most costly and embarrassing home remodeling projects many uninformed homeowners make.

Reading the mistakes other homeowners have made can serve as a warning sign for you to avoid - or at least proceed with more caution.

Here's the top 5 most costly and embarrassing remodeling mistakes homeowners are making:


1. Not Budgeting Enough To Finish The Job

Running out of money before running out of work is a huge problem. Under budgeting can cause problems for you because you've already committed yourself, your home and your finances.
The worst position to find yourself in is to have a remodeling job half finished and you run out of money. Ouch! That's why it's always important to have a cushion of extra cash or available financing in case you run into unexpected problems along the way.

2. Starting Home Remodeling Projects You Can't Finish

With the abundance of Do-It-Yourself books, television shows and videos, it's tempting to try your hand at remodeling the bathroom or rewiring your circuit box.
Trust me there's plenty of projects you can use your do-it-yourself muscles on. But you should leave the highly specialized projects to the professionals. You'll save yourself from potential injuries, lost money and lost pride.
A friend of mine who is a contractor said, "Over 30% of his business last year came from fixing homeowners do-it-yourself mistakes." In fact, that's a growing business for most contractors.


3. Bad Remodel Timing

Many homeowners spend money on remodeling jobs they never have a chance to recoup. Either the remodeling job does nothing to increase or preserve the value of the home. For example, installing a swimming pool in a cooler climate region. Or they over improve and sell their home before they can recoup the cost of the remodel.
Before you remodel it's always wise to determine not only the cost but if you'll have a chance to recoup the cost in increase value.


4. Making Changes That Don't Match Your Homes Original Style

Homeowners who allow their imaginations to rule over their respect for the style or architecture of the home is making a big mistake. This could de-value the home in the eyes of appraisers and potential buyers.
This is especially true for older historic homes that have intricate details and craftsmanship, homes built when building supplies and skilled labor were cheaper. Replacing hand-made carpentry with machine or manufactured pieces for example.


5. Over-Expanding Home Additions

This can sometimes create problems for homeowners when it comes time to sell their home or even refinance. They're usually shocked to discover the money they put into the addition doesn't pay them back. Why? Because they over improved.
Others homes in the area will always dominate your homes value as a whole. So don't invest in an addition that doesn't conform to the general style of other homes in your neighborhood.

Yes, nothing can give you a better feeling than a remodeling project that turns out like you planned. But it doesn't come by accident. Murphy's Law is eagerly waiting to jump into your remodeling project as soon as it sees a weak spot in your planning. By reading the mistakes other homeowners have made, you'll have a better chance of getting the best return from your remodeling investment.

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