5 Secrets
Your Home Repairman Won't Tell You ...
That You Should Know Anyway!


Tricks some home repairmen will do

Before their work is through,

To Avoid the situation

Be armed with the right information

Because some secrets they won't tell you.


The next time you have to hire a home repairman or contractor understand many will avoid discussing one or more of the following points. It's up to you as an informed homeowner to ask the right questions and stay alert to protect your interest. Here are 5 secrets many contractors don't want you to know or discuss. Read them and protect your interest and your money.


1. Don't expect me to clean up if it's not in the signed contract.

Many homeowners assume all home contractors and repairers will clean up there mess. Many will as a customer service gesture. But if it's not in the contract don't expect them to do a thorough job at it. So make sure you have a clear understanding of who will clean up and what will be discarded. The contract should say it.

2. If you pay me up front I may not work as hard, efficient or even finish the job to your satisfaction. Where's the motivation?

Although it's routine to give a deposit of some kind to a contractor depending on the job. This is the source of complaints more than almost any other reason.

When you're asked or you pay any contractor all the money before he finishes a job, a warning sign should flash with sirens.

Does the contractor need your money to buy materials or other supplies? He's probably a poor candidate for finishing the job to your satisfaction. Most successful contractors have an account with suppliers.


3. I may low-ball ( give you a low offer to get your business) the estimate. Then when you hire me I'll suddenly find extra items that need repairing or replacing to jack up my fees. After-all, with the price of materials did you expect me to work that cheaply?

Remember contractors have expenses to. The excitement of finding a licensed contractor who gives you an extra low offer can disappear quickly. Many are experts at finding other ways to make up the cost before the job is over.

So be suspicious of low ball offers. It may turned out to be too-good-to-be true.

4. With plumbers, if they have to tear into a wall to find a leak or make a repair you may also have to hire another contractor to fix it. You should add this into your total cost.

Most plumbers will tell you in advance they don't repair tile work or plaster the wall. But others can overlook this small detail until after they start the work or when they finish to tell you.

So, it's always a good idea to ask them up-front, do they fix the walls? Before they start tearing into them.

While many plumbers don't do this work, many others do as a service to there customers, so you may want to check around first.

5. I'll do it for you cheap, but I won't guarantee the job if something goes wrong.

Many times homeowners get sticker shock at the price of a repair or home improvement job. So the first reaction is to see if the contractor can cut corners or give you the cheapest make-due repair.

An ethical contractor will at least let you know up front they can't guarantee the repair and do the best he can. But many will take whatever money you give them for the cut-rate repair then do a sloppy job - many leaving the job worse than when they started.

These are just a few of the secrets contractors don't want you to know that you should know as an informed homeowner. Remember them the next time you have to call a contractor.

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