Are You Space-Wise or Are You Space Waster?

Proven Ways to Create More Space In Your Home

by Roy Primm

"If your closet space is shrinking

And your storage shelves are sinking

You could be a storage waster

Or an empty space chaser

Try some creative storage thinking."


As the values of homes grow, the value of the space in the home grows. Yes, space is a valuable commodity now. In fact, it's one of the first features prospective home buyers look for. Whether it's closet space, cabinet space or garage space.

According to a recent government study, people are collecting more junk (items that sit unused) at an alarming rate. Garages can no longer hold the homeowners cars because of piled up items.

Evidence of home storage shortages is the glut of Public Storage - type companies that dot the landscape of America. Yes, from New York to California people find themselves in a growing storage crisis.

To add to the problem of storage space is the boomerang generation. (Adult children who come back home to live with parents).

With mushrooming housing cost, learning how to live and manage with less space is a growing demand. And a demand every homeowner must learn to face now and in the future.

These problems have spawned a new movement in the housing market. The "space saving" industry. You can find space saving products that answer the need for peoples growing need to save space.

There are even space consultants that will come into your home and help you organize and find more space - for a hefty fee of course.

But before you shell out the hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a professional consultant. Follow these seven tips to transform yourself from a space waster to a space wizard.

1. Think About The "V" Word

Can the "V" word help you to instantly create more space in your home or apartment? The answer to that question is yes. So, what is the "V" word? I am glad you asked. The "V" word stands for Vertical. Anytime you want to create more space, try thinking vertical.

If you can't expand your space out - expand it upwards with vertical shelving, wall organizers, decorative hooks and other wall storage products.

2.Think In Combinations

Another trick in getting more space from your home is to buy furniture that serves more than one purpose. Such as storage seats, bookcase beds and mirrored cabinets or doors.

3. Think Convertible Furniture

One of the fastest growing markets for furniture sales is convertible furniture.
Convertible furniture is furniture that serves its purpose, then you fold it up, roll it up or flatten it out and store it away until needed again. A good example is folding chairs, leaf, butterfly or drop leaf tables and of course the convertible sofa.

4. Think Rock n' Roll Furniture

The next space saving idea is portable furniture. Furniture you can roll where needed and then roll it out of the way or into a storage place such as a closet or corner of a room. Examples of rolling furniture are any piece of furniture with wheels. This can include anything that can fit on a rolling nightstand to a portable kitchen island to an office desk to a file cabinet, anything that can roll.

More space saving ideas

1. Be Space Minded before you buy.

Next time you plan to purchase an item you just can't live without, ask yourself "do I have the space?" Or "is it worth giving up space for?"


2. Trading Spaces

Another tip is to get in the habit when purchasing or bringing a new item into the home, get rid of an old item.

3. Adopt the 30-day Rule

This rule states if I am not going to use it at least once a month - I am not going to buy it. This will save you from the appeals of the home shopping network and other similar temptations.

4. Learn how to shop on eBay. This online giant is the 21st centuries testament to our over consumption for things.

Surf the pages and you'll see endless pages of items people want to sell that they can no longer find a place to store. People who want to park the car in the garage again, find their favorite shirt in the closet in seconds instead of minutes. Or experience what it feels like to know where to find things you need - when you need them ... not weeks later!

You can save a small fortune buying from people who had to have that Juice Squeezer, but never used. Or that exercise master or product that slices and dices.

If you follow the tips in this article you'll find more space in your home. But they will do you little good unless you become space minded and adopt the 30-day rule.

You can do it, and you'll see and experience the satisfaction of what it feels like to be space wise and not a space waster.

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