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Top Home Improvement Scams Black Homeowners Fall For

Take the time to exam

If it is or isn't a scam

If it seems to good to be true

They maybe trying to rip off you

And Knowing this keeps you out of jams.


Black homeowners are the target of more home repair scams, rip-offs and schemes than any other race by far.
Many reasons can contribute to this but one of the biggest reasons comes from the appearance of saving money.
Many black homeowners suffer from financial problems and those problems compound themselves when the home is in need of many overdue repairs or fix-ups.
This is when the scam artist, predatory lending sharks and home repair schemers come out and prey on many black and especially elderly homeowners. Of course, they first appeal to the money savings.
Here are a few of the ways many scams take place. Read them carefully and take heed.

1. I Just Happen To Be In the Area Scam.

You may receive a knock on your door by a man dressed in handyman's clothes in a pick-up truck. He says, "He just happens to be working in the neighborhood and he has materials left over from another job.
He'll offer to do some work for a too large-to-pass-up discount. This is often too tempting for many black homeowners to resist. Many make the mistake of paying the man up-front and they never finish the job or do a shoddy job.

2. I Have A Special Offer Only Good For Today Scam.

When it comes to a remodeling project, any time a contractor puts pressure on you to act quickly should cause a red flag to go up in your head.
Anytime you decide to remodel your home you should make your decision carefully and at your own pace.
Never allow anyone to pressure you before you have time to make an intelligent and informed decision.

3. Driveway and Roof Sealant Scams.

This is where a contractor offers to seal your driveway or roof for a heavily discounted price. These people come out in the late fall or early winter before the rainy season.
But what they don't tell you is they often use cheap substances that wear off months or weeks later. You never know until the first heavy rains come.

4. The I Can Help You Finance The Home Improvement Scam.

This contractor will take advantage of many financially strapped black homeowners.
They'll often overcharge them on the estimate but offer to get them financed with a lender they know.
Often the contractor gets a kick-back or commission from the lender who also rips off the homeowner with excessive interest and other fees.
These are just a few of the sneaky scams many contractors use to rip off black homeowners, especially the elderly on fixed incomes.
The best way to avoid these kinds of rip-offs is to take the time to check them out. Avoid the temptation to gamble on there honesty and integrity for the chance to save a few dollars.
If you're in so big of a hurry you don't have time to check there references with anyone, you could be asking for trouble.
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